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Good for you. GOOD FOR the planet.



A conscious awakening has occurred across the globe. Great taste, and far less waste is what modern grocery consumers want. At Oteas we believe that in order to elevate our human health, our physical environment should not have to be compromised. We are committed to using high quality hand blended ingredients, and 100% plant based packaging. This commitment puts Oteas in a league of our own as a quality tea 100% plastic free, biodegradable and a true zero waste consumer product. 


“The flavours are true to the smell and are so easy to drink! Thanks for making such a great product.”

shannon s |  Oteas Lover


Our Purpose

At Oteas, we are committed to creating delicious hand blended teas while becoming the most environmentally friendly tea product available in the world. We blend nutrient rich teas that make us feel good and fuel our adventures today without impacting our planet tomorrow.