Oteas founder grew up in the tea plantations of East Africa and had a vision to produce the highest quality tea product by sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world. He has since partnered with a family living in the heart of the Canadian mountains with a passion for healthy living and the environment. Together they have created the highest quality, zero waste product, that can be enjoyed today without impacting tomorrow.


Paresh Thakker


Growing up in East Africa, then moving to the U.K. Paresh had a dream to create the most ethical, high-quality, top tasting tea blends in the world. With the support of his family, Oteas was born. When Paresh isn’t taste testing Oteas latest, you can find him spending time with his loved ones.



Shelley Evans

Director of Sales & Marketing

Shelley is a veteran sales manager, from owning her own retail space to being the Director of Sales of one of North America’s most popular ski resorts. Shelley’s 20+ years of experience in leadership and team building has proven to be the foundation for Oteas success. You can find Shelley horseback riding in her backyard or corralling her four dogs for lunchtime.



David Evans


David is used to working from all time zones across the world. A Brit, living in Hong Kong, who used to holiday in Canada has now chose to move his business success to British Columbia. For all things finance, David is our go to. When not glued to his desk, David can be found swimming, running or biking preparing for various races across the globe.



Kris Lakatos

Sales Manager

Fresh out of university, Kris joined Oteas for their environmental stewardship and healthy take on the tea industry. With her background in education and filmmaking Kris focuses on creative sale strategies with the team. On weekends Kris is often mountain biking, practising yoga or TRX.