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Benefits Include:

◽Increase Antioxidants

◽Boost Your Immune System

◽Increase Energy

◽Reduce Appetite

◽Reduce Bloating

◽Improve Digestion

◽Enhance Rest and Relaxation


About Our Detox Ingredients…

Oteatox is an easy way to start a program that involves regular excersize, eating well, and drinking well. The 14-28 day programs have a tea bag for both morning & night. The daytime tea is blended with many natural ingredients to help you get through your day. We have combined premium Japanese sencha green tea leaves with carefully chosen herbs that have proven metabolic boosting properties. The other ingredients are Egyptian lemon yerba mate, lemongrass, hibiscus, dandelion leaves, dried ginger, nettle leaves and natural ginseng that all play an important part of this special green tea. Combined with Selenium with is a powerful antioxidant that fights oxidative stress. This is a super way to start your day towards a healthier you. The nighttime tea is designed to help you relax and sleep. Any part of a successful daily detox, combined with healthier eating and exercise has to include a emphasis on relaxation and sleep. Just like the Daytime tea, the Nighttime tea uses only natural herbs. One of the ingredients is Honeybush a native herb from south Africa renowned for its high level of anti-oxidants and sleep promoting properties.


Where to get the oteatox In the united kingdom

In Store and online At Costco UK

Online at Ocado UK

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Where to get the oteatox in canada

In store at GNC Canada

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